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Vinten Type 512 - Ein ganz einfaches mit Federn gesteuertes Stativ für mittelschwere Kameras

Hier der original englische Vinten Prospekt aus dem Juli 1964

Spring balanced television camera pedestal Type 512

The Vinten Spring Balanced Pedestal meets the requirement for a camera pedestal which is simple to maintain and use yet is capable of operating satisfactorily with both monochrome and colour television broadcast cameras of widely varying weights. The pedestal has been designed in co-operation with leading television studio personnel and the general layout and controls are extremely convenient and easy to use.

Height Adjustment
The centre column is counterbalanced by both weights and springs, carried by or attached to a vertically moving platform within the pedestal. As the column is raised this platform is lowered, and vice versa. The weight of the platform itself and its fittings counterbalances the basic weight of the column; springs and weights are then added to counterbalance the load. Special springs which give a virtually constant rate are employed to take the main loads, graded weights being used to achieve final balance.

Using all springs and weights the pedestal can counterbalance a maximum load of about 520 lb (236 kg). The centre column is carried by a bearing system which offers extremely smooth operation with the minimum of static friction. Total travel is 20 in. (50-8 cm) and height adjustment is instantly effected by lifting or depressing the large centre steering wheel attached to the column head. When counterbalanced, the column can be braked in any position by use of a screw knob conveniently located on one face of the pedestal casing.

The column can also be locked in any of four positions (whether counterbalanced or not) by means of a spring loaded plunger; this facility is used to hold the column firmly and safely in position while a camera is fitted or removed.

The pedestal is normally crab steered by means of the large centre steering wheel which also serves as the method of raising and lowering the camera head. The steering wheel therefore always maintains the same relative position to the camera irrespective of the height setting. A simple grip has been mounted on the base of the pedestal which, after releasing a small locking lever, can be used for steering the pedestal on one pair of wheels only.

Three pairs of free running rubber tyred wheels support the pedestal, and these are linked together with an endless and adjustable chain. To transmit the movement of the steering wheel to the running wheels a telescopic drive shaft, silenced with a special block is used. A positive, direct connection is used between the steering wheel and the running wheels and rapid, silent changes of direction are easy to obtain. When the pedestal is required to be used temporarily from only one position, the complete pedestal can be lifted by three built in jacks so that the running wheels are clear of the studio floor.

Cable Guards

A new system of sweeping the cable has been evolved by the use of the main pedestal skirt itself. For transit over rough surfaces, the skirt may be raised from its normal ground clearance of i in. to a full 1 in. simply by rotating the eccentric axle shafts with the tool provided in the base of the pedestal.

General Data

Size of base (minimum) 35 75 in. (89 cm)
(maximum) 39-75 in. (99 cm)
Height from floor to head Htom
mounting platform (minimum) 32 75 in. (81 25 cm)
(maximum) 52 50 in. (133 36 cm)

Weight of pedestal without head 560 lb (255 8 kg)
Load (minimum) 50 lb (22 68 kg)
(maximum) 521 lb (236 33 kg)

Note: The loads mentioned above do not take into consideration the weight of the Pan and Tilt Head. Thus, if the Head is taken to be 45 lb (20,5kg) the maximum weight of camera will be 476 lb (216 kg).

Counterbalance System
20 Tensator Springs, each valued at 20 lb (9,1kg)
Tensator Spring valued at 10 lb (4,55kg)
! balance weights each of 17 lb (8,2kg)
2 balance weights each of 11 lb (5kg)
1 balance weight of 2lb 1oz (0,93kg)
2 balance weights each of 1lb 10oz (o,734 kg)

713 North Circular Road, London, N.W.2, England
Telephone: GLAdstone 6373
Head Office: Western Way, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

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