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Hi, international visitor.

The most impressive building - the "Kurhaus"
the beginning of the "Kurpark" in front of the "Kurhaus"
inside the park - it is is public and open, no fees
education and learning are the most important goals for the future

here you are on the pages of the virtual German TV Museum in Wiesbaden.

We are a small German non profit organisation
to keep the knowledge, the science and the hardware of the past 50 years (and longer) of German and international TV history. We keep a very large stock of European TV hardware (for rent, fund raising and for non profit support).

We would like to share technical and historical informations and pictures to show within the virtual museum. Everything is free and worldwide public .

The German TV museum service team. (Dec. 2011)



The virtual TV Museum is online since March 2006 and it grows and grows . . .

and we did count as many foreign visitors as German visitors on these pages.

And we did receive a lot of requests for infos and help from Brasil, Argentinia, USA, Canada, UK, Spain and from Australia and many other worldwide countries.

So we are very happy to set up a wounderful new information pool worldwide.

Currently ist is fully German. And with that much shortage in time, it will remain in German language.

So if you like to get in contact with us . . . . .

Update in January 2020

The museum-pages grow permanently and I get containers of printed material from all over the world. In Dec. 2020 we had about 3 tons of paper (magazines). Because it is a combination of 4 technical museums, my database-system counts more than 38.000 pages with over 19.000 pictures.

Here is a link to the hifi-museum's international page.

Here are some more sub-pages

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