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Hitachi Shiba Denshi usw. und Co. Ltd.

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Semi-Profi 1972
Hitachi Vollprofi 2008

In einer Historie haben wir folgendes gefunden:

The Hitachi Denshi, Ltd. was formed in 1973, with the merger of Shiba Electric Co., Ltd. and the former Hitachi Denshi, Ltd.

Vermutlich wurde hier 1973 der Name "Shibaden" entwickelt.

Hitachi Denshi serves in the Hitachi Group as a general manufacturer of information-related systems, and provided dynamic and innovated integration of technologies from the fields of imaging, video, data communications, and measurement.

On October 1, 2000, Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc. was formed following the merger of the Kokusai Electric Co. Ltd., Hitachi Denshi, Ltd. and Yagi Antenna Co., Ltd.

Eine andere Quelle sagt:

  • 1948 Shiba Electric was set up.
  • 1955 Showadenshi Sangyo Corporation was set up.
  • 1956 Hitachi Electronics (HE) succeeded in manufacturing video cameras in Japan.
  • 1969 HE completed its broadcast-purpose VCR, which was the first produced in Japan. HE established its affiliate, Shiba Electronics Industries (today's Hitachi Electronics System Service).
  • 1963 Shiba Electric was listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges.
  • Showadenshi Sangyo Corporation renamed itself Hitachi Electronics.
  • HE set up Shibaden America (today's Hitachi Electronics, America).
  • 1964 HE supplied its VTRs exclusively to the Tokyo Olympics. HE's cameras and relays were also successfully operated.
  • 1968 Nikko Electronics was set up (the precursor to Hitachi Koganei Electronics; and today's Hitachi Denshi Technosystem, Ltd.).
  • 1970 HE set up its affiliate, Shibaden UK (today's Hitachi Electronics UK).
  • 1973 Shiba Electric merged with Hitachi Electric to form Shinsei Hitachi Electronics.
  • 1976 HD's single-tube color camera, the world's smallest, was selected as one of the Industrial Research's IR-100 selections (the 100 selected developed products of the world).
  • 1978 HD marketed its domestic video camera. HE marketed a solid-state camera, the first of its kind made in Japan.
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