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BROADCAST NEWS of April 1961

Die ausgewählten Artikel stammen aus der RCA Firmen-Zeitung vom April 1961 - Die Einführung beginnt hier.


Eine Notitz zum Editorial : Editor's Note of April 1961

Ed Jones, the author of "It Could Be You," built his first radio receiver in 1909. He retired in October 1960 - after a fifty-year career as ship's operator, Navy radio man, first editor of RADIO NEWS, radio set wholesaler and for the past twenty-five years a member of RCA's advertising department, including a stint as editor of BROADCAST NEWS (1935-39).

At a retirement dinner in Mr. Jones' honor, his friends and co-workers presented him with a shower of gifts, including, among other things, a color receiver. Ed had never had a color set in his home before - in fact, he was never more than lukewarm on television, spent very little time viewing it - preferred listening to radio and records. But now - behold - everything is different. The stoic Mr. Jones is as excited as the teen-agers he quotes.

We have printed Ed's little piece here, just as he sent it to us, not because his discovery will be news to many of our readers, but because it may serve to remind us that there is a way to get new excitement into a business which has been widely accused of becoming a little dull.


Yes, at this very moment, you could be guilty of the same mistake I made by failing to thoroughly investigate and learn the facts about color television.

I have been guilty of cheating myself and my family out of many exceptionally colorful and entertaining television presentations ...

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show, The Bell Telephone Hour, Bonanza, Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall, Ford Show with Ernie Ford, Meet The Press, The Price Is Right, Shirley Temple Show, The Jack Paar Show and numerous others.

The period of my procrastination was occasioned by the many false rumors that were making the rounds, which I later found, had no foundation in fact.

For example, the technician who installed our color set cleared up one of the most fallacious of these rumors - He purposely twisted all of the knobs indiscriminately to demonstrate the ease of bringing in a perfect color picture. I readily learned that color tuning is just as simple as the old black and white set.

  • Anmerkung : Das ist sehr beschönigend, weil sich die Faben bei NTSC auf dem Funkweg extrem häufig und fließend langsam verschoben hatten. Bei uns wurde darüber gelästert, was der Unterschied zwischen Farbfernsehen und amerikanischem Buntfernsehen sei.


Color tuning = Die "Farbe" bei NTSC einstellen .....

You simply tune in the set as if you were operating a black and white receiver ... When you obtain the picture in black and white ... You merely adjust the color knob and then, for critical adjustment, the "tint" knob - so, there is actually nothing
to it - even a young child can obtain a satisfactory picture.

It was also comforting to learn that once these two color controls have been adjusted ... it is not necessary to make any but very slight changes of their settings.

Color is far more pleasing and satisfying than black and white - We had that demonstrated to us long, long ago - and yet cannot understand why we did not take the hint from that experience which I will tell you about.

When we first tuned in the Mummers parade which takes place annually in Philadelphia on New Years Day - we had a black and white receiver. We did not think much of the parade because everything looked alike - there was no color in the costumes or the clown's faces - So one year we decided to see in person this so-called magnificent spectacle.

Well, it was everything they claimed for it ... brilliant, spectacular - a colorful extravaganza - really was out of this world.

1961 come around - "Tournament of Roses"

You can well imagine how anxious we were to see the first of the new year 1961 come around - and for the first time see the "Tournament of Roses" - as it actually looks to human eyes.

We have looked at this parade several years on our black and white receiver - and yet - we had never seen it - for each float is made up of thousands upon thousands of colorful flowers -
but there came a day that we did really see it ...

What a beautiful sight it was and only on color tv can you actually see it unless you go out to California and witness it in person. That would cost more than the price of a good color tv receiver.

To give you some idea as to the effect it (color) has on newcomers - on several occasions - visitors who had not as yet seen color tv - actually went into ecstacies - They sounded like the female teen-agers who squeal when they witness a very popular handsome young male singer ... It really carries a powerful emotional wallop.

By this time, I have a strong hunch that you will be getting a Color TV soon - so go ahead and "PLAY YOUR HUNCH" *1) and get one now - for "THE PRICE IS RIGHT." *2) The so-called difference in cost will fade into insignificance after you have enjoyed the first color program in your own living room.

Color tv is not for "THE NEXT GENERATION" *3) - it is for us - today! No one should deny himself this greatest pleasure of our time.

  • Das sind die Tips für 1961 !!!!!!!

* Color Program, Daily NBC 12:30 pm est.
*1) Color Program, Daily NBC 10:30 am est.
*2) Color Program, Daily NBC 11 am est and
Wednesday Night 8:30 pm est.
*3) Color Program, WRCV Sunday 2:30 pm est.
and Thursday 1:30 am est.

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