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BROADCAST NEWS of April 1961

Die ausgewählten Artikel stammen aus der RCA Firmen-Zeitung vom April 1961 - Die Einführung beginnt hier.


Glenn-Armistead Mobile TV Units Speed Production of Color TV Tapes

Facilitate Shooting at Edwards AFB for NBC Color Tape Production of the
"Ernie Ford Show"

The Glenn-Armistead trailers were parked at Edwards Air Force Base and NBC finished shooting of the "Ernie Ford Show" on schedule at 1:30 Thursday afternoon. The finished tapes, complete with special effects, were rushed some 150 miles to Burbank color studios. Here they were aired at 6 p.m., same day, for East Coast viewing.

Live Editing

Everything went off without a hitch. There was even 40 minutes to spare, in getting the tape to the studio. But only with a tape production system such as this could you live so dangerously! The RCA-designed system made it possible to "edit live," while shooting the sequences, and end up with a finished tape - complete with special effects - ready for broadcasting.

Time-Saving Device

One of the time-saving modifications incorporated into the RCA color TV cameras is the result of a suggestion by Dr. Kozanowski, RCA expert in electron optics. This enables the output from the RCA special effects switcher to be fed back to the camera viewfinder. This greatly improves the accuracy and speed with which matte, chroma key, and other special effects can be accomplished.

Color and Monochrome System - 25kw generator needed

The mobile system is equipped to make monochrome or color TV tapes. The tractor mounts a 25 kw generator to supply sufficient power for both the camera and the tape trailers. Film and slide inserts can be accommodated, since a complete film system is also included. Switching and special effects equipment enable Glenn-Armistead to accomplish the most intricate wipes, fades, and inserts for the appropriate final touches, so that a finished tape can be produced by the mobile system.


FIG. 1. Mobile TV on location - getting ready to operate - note ladder on doorf Camera hoisl on roof, which is reinforced to support cameras and operators - ready for color or monochrome operation.

FIG. 2. Two RCA Color Tape Recorders and a complete RCA Color film system are installed in studio unit. Both 16mm and 35mm film pro* jectors are included. Thus, stock footage may be inserted in TV tapes.

FIG. 3. Control area in Glenn-Armistead mobile production unit, Video operators sit on lower level (in background ol picture) near monitors. Director and technical director sit in chairs at control desk (center) to handle switching and effects. Client and audio operator sit immediately behind director (in foreground).

Bild insert in Fug 4
Glenn Armistead Color Mobile Unit
FIG. 4. Cutaway view of TV Tape and film studio. Facilities of Unit No. 1 - Television Tape and Film Equipment. Function of Unit No. 1 - TV Tape Recording; Tape, Film and Slide Originations.

FIG. 8. Tractor and two trailers that comprise the complete Glenn-Armistead color TV production system. Normally, these units are parked at Glen Glenn Studios, where they function as fixed studios to produce color or monochrome TV tapes tor clients. One unit contains the control, switching, and effects equipment. The other unit contains a film system and two color TV tape recorders.

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