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BROADCAST NEWS of April 1961

Die ausgewählten Artikel stammen aus der RCA Firmen-Zeitung vom April 1961 - Die Einführung beginnt hier.



Color is everywhere at NBC ... The tremendous progress of color television in 1960 was made possible by the team effort of many people in many different departments. Literally hundreds of people backstop each color program: engineers, cameramen, scenic designers, makeup artists, all people directly connected with putting the show on the air.

In addition, there is another team equally important - promotion people whose job it is to promulgate the exciting story of color. In order to keep the public and the industry up to date on the ever changing and ever growing dynamic new medium - color television - different promotion departments are necessary:


Special color bulletins are sent out daily to 1,500 newspapers all over the country. The complete color schedule, special stories on color programs and feature stories on the personalities who appear in color shows are also sent. This always results in excellent pickup of the information.

Progress Reports

Periodically, summaries of color's developments to date are sent to the 1,500 TV editors. This information receives wide mention. It is a means of focusing special attention on color TV periodically.

Trade Stories

Thirty-five broadcasting industry trade magazines are supplied with articles on all aspects of color television: research on color audience, technical developments, color advertisers, and, of course, new techniques that spur the medium.


When Dinah says "My dress is a beautiful blue. I hope you have color television so you can see what a pretty color it is," credit is due to the Promotional Services Department. Getting the stars themselves to sell color viewing either within a show or tying in with other advertising is the responsibility of this department. Just before every color show the voice of the star is heard announcing the upcoming show and the fact that it is in color - thanks to promotional services.

  • Anmerkung : Das war aber oft ein Eigentor, wenn das Kleid beim Zuschauer grau oder braun oder gar grün war - NTSC = never the same color.



More than 150 spot announcements per week are scheduled by NBC to promote color shows, and each of these announcements - film, tape or live - specifically calls the attention of viewers to the fact that the program being promoted is in color. This will result in 1961 in a total of some 10,000 announcements that spotlight Color-TV, spread over all viewing hours.

Newspaper Advertising

Color television is highlighted in every newspaper/magazine ad prepared by NBC for a color program. The 1961 total is expected to be well in excess of a million agate lines of advertising in the nation's major markets - all prominently promoting the color television medium.

Station Promotion

NBC furnishes each affiliated station with a comprehensive battery of advertising-promotion elements for color TV promotion (see opposite page).


This Department keeps a list of some 2,000 advertising agency and company personnel supplied with information on the values of sponsoring color programs. The data is carefully researched and, consequently, eagerly sought after.

Color Bulletins

Information bulletins summarizing latest developments in research, programming, technical developments, etc.. are issued regularly to agencies and companies.

Promotion Pieces

From time to time handsome brochures are sent to the full agency-company list. (See the brochure illustrated above.)


Regular showings of a color presentation are made to agencies, potential color clients and color dealers. Full-color film is always used in order to demonstrate the tremendous impact of color. Every effort is made to show the advertiser the many advantages of being in color - the extra impact of merchandising to his own organization and to the high quality color audience that watches more and remembers more.

Additional color promotion is done on many levels. For example, each letter from a color viewer is carefully answered by the Information Department. Policy speeches by Mr. Robert W. Sarnoff summarize the tremendous strides of color. In every way, everyone at NBC is working hard to tell the exciting story of color television.

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