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BROADCAST NEWS of April 1961

Die ausgewählten Artikel stammen aus der RCA Firmen-Zeitung vom April 1961 - Die Einführung beginnt hier.



Includes Facilities for Live Color Originations, Color Film and Slide Inserts, and Special Effects

Color TV equipment is playing an important role at the recently established "Reeves Television Recording and Playback Service Center".

Using all new RCA TV tape, film, studio camera, control, switching and special effects facilities for both color and monochrome, Reeves is offering complete TV tape recording and playback services to television producers, advertisers and agencies. Key color services include film to tape transfer, off-line TV recording and integration of live, slide or film inserts into taped programs and commercials.

Film to Tape Transfer

A fully equipped TV film room, makes possible the transfer to tape of 16mm and 35mm color films. These materials may be thoroughly integrated with live and slide inserts and processed via switching and special effects equipment to produce a complete color TV tape program or commercial.

Film room facilities include two complete RCA color/monochrome film systems. Each system is multiplexed to handle a TP-6 16mm Film Projector, TP-3S 35mm Film Projector, TP-7 2-by-2 Slide Projector, TK-21 Monochrome Vidicon Film Chain and a TK-26 3-V Color Film Chain.

Color TV Recording and Playback

Two of the eight RCA TV Tape Recorders at Reeves are equipped for color. These equipments allow simultaneous offline recording of two color tapes. Video lines can be provided to Reeves Studios from the various color TV production studios in New York City, as well as from advertising agencies preparing test color TV commercials. Immediate playback is provided over these same lines.

Live, Film and Slide Inserts

Unique among the Reeves color services is the ability to mix in live, film and slide inserts to provide clients with a package program or commercial on color tape.

In addition to film facilities previously described, the studios are also equipped with a TK-41 Live Color Studio Camera chain. The picture outputs of the film, slide and live studio equipment are fed to the mixing room, where inserts are professionally handled using latest design TS-40 Transistor Switching equipment.

Special picture effects, wipes, inserts, letter and trademark insets, etc., can also be created electronically by means of an RCA Special Effects System. This provides push button selection of more than 150 effects.

Advanced Equipment Permits New Techniques

Use of a completely matched RCA color TV system - live and film cameras, projectors, switching, special effects and TV tape - is helping Reeves Tape Studios introduce new concepts in TV recording.

Designed to work together as a system, the equipment is providing the production flexability, picture quality, color fidelity, and operational performance necessary for top-notch, color TV tape service.


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TAPE SERVICES-Reeves Studio in New York uses RCA Color TV Tape Recorders in its elaborately equipped tape plant. Reeves "is also . equipped with RCA Color Camera and Color TV Film System to put inserts in Color Tape.

FIG. 1. This fully equipped tv film room facilitates film and slide inserts in color tapes. Color film to color tape transfers can also be handled.

FIG. 2. Mixing room. Here signals from various tape, film, slide and live camera can be mixed and processed to produce -a composite tape program or commercial. Special electronic effects can be integrated at this point.

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