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BROADCAST NEWS of April 1961

Die ausgewählten Artikel stammen aus der RCA Firmen-Zeitung vom April 1961 - Die Einführung beginnt hier.



One of the most spectacular of color TV developments in the past year is the high-sensitivity RCA 4401 camera tube. This is the image orthicon that changes every studio into a color studio and makes night outdoor telecasts as easy to do in color as in black-and-white.

The phenomenal sensitivity of the 4401 as broadcasting's long awaited answer to outdoor color pickups at low light levels was proved last year in night baseball color telecasts, by WHDH-TV, Boston. Then WGN-TV in Chicago covered 120 daytime home games in color (luring 1960 season.

Indoor tests of the new tube immediately prompted switch of several major studio programs to color. XBC, for example, increased its weekly color schedule 12 hours simply by picking up in color three studio shows previously broadcast in black-and-white. NBC also plans to use the new tubes for nighttime sports events.

Nur wenige Jahre später waren die Orthicons "tot"

Auch bei der FESE in Darmstadt, die neue Farbkamera mit 4 Super-Orthicons funktionierte nicht richtig, den ganzen Werbesprüchen zum Trotz. Das Super-Orthicon hatte auch in den Farbkameras bei Philips nie richtig funktioniert. Aber die ersten deutschen FESE Prospekte waren 1966 genauso überschwenglich positiv, bis der WDR (oder der NDR ??) die ersten 4 Fese Farbkameras einfach wieder zurück schickte, man solle seine Schularbeiten besser vorbereiten.


Ease of Night Colorcasting

Broadcasters of baseball in color agree that night color pickups are considerably easier than handling daytime games. The light source is steady and more dependable, making the pickup simpler.

WHDH-TV (using two cameras behind the plate, another at first base and a fourth in the center field stands successfully fed by 1000 feet of cable) reports that, even in daytime, their color pickups are easier than black-and-white because of an automatic shader and iris control in the video truck.

Between telecasts, color cameras are left where they are set up and covered for protection against the elements.

Advantages of New Tube for Studio Use

Although the RCA 4401 was especially designed for colorcasts of night sporting events, it has important advantages in studio color work as many broadcasters have found. Because of its extremely high sensitivity, making possible operation under low-level light conditions, the tube operates efficiently at a fraction of the light necessary for conventional color tubes.

This substantially reduces power requirements for studio lighting and air conditioning.

The RCA 4401 color image orthicon features a high gain multiplier, high sensitivity photocathode, and dynodes which permit higher voltage operation.

Tests indicate that incandescent illumination as low as 40 foot-candles can be used with a lens stop of f/5.6, which is well below the "knee" of the tubes characteristic curve. Excellent color originations can be made with light levels of 150 to 200 foot-candles normally used for black-and-white studio telecasts.


FIG. 1. Station WGN-TV, Chicago led I960 color baseball telecasts with 120 games, uses new RCA I.O.'s in eight TK-41 color cameras, four in Comiskey Park and four in Wrigley Field.

FIG. 2. Directly interchangeable with RCA 6474 and RCA 7513 color camera tubes, the RCA 4401 requires no greater lighting lor color than for black-and-white telecasting.

FIG., 3. Night baseball at Korakuen Field, Japan, being covered in color by TK-41 camera equipped with RCA new high sensitivity color pickup tubes.

FIG. 4. This year, about one third of WHDH-TV scheduled baseball tele casts were in color. (The new tube was used for night games,]

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