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Jay Shinn - General Manager


“I was working in a motorcycle workshop, doing classes in electronics. My professor suggested that I should go to Grass Valley™ for an interview - and it changed my life,” recalled Jay Shinn, now General Manager for production switchers and effects at Grass Valley.

In the late 1980s Jay was selling Grass Valley products in New York. With all the networks and local stations committed to Grass Valley, he got a good feel for what users need in a switcher, and uses that knowledge today to drive through innovations.

“We won an emmy® Award for E-MEM,” he said. “I’m confident that, without E-MEM, you could not create the kind of television we expect today: it is too complicated. When we launched the Kalypso™ we included many innovations, like four keyers per M/E, and DVE, still store and RAM recorder built in, integrating a lot of products which used to be external.

“We had to figure out a way to make it possible for the operator to use all of that power.” he continued. “We made the environment much simpler so the TDs (???) and Directors can focus on creating a good program.

“Now we are launching Kayenne™, which is another huge step forward,” Shinn said. “With today’s production switchers, sports and entertainment TDs are maxed out on what they can do, so now we are giving them six keyers on each of five M/E banks with 20 channels of full DPM - while making the switcher easy to operate.

“Kayenne includes RGB-colored buttons so operators can use color to navigate any production,” he added. “There are even OLED source name displays in the panel for crystal-sharp source identity - it would be great to think that we never need marking tape on the console again !

“Only Grass Valley could come up with an innovative product like this, a company with loyalty to its people and to its customers,” he concluded. “This continuity, this focus on long term relationships is what continues to make Grass Valley special."

Jay Shinn - General Manager, Production Switcher and Effects

K2™ Dyno instant Replay system

For years, our LVS Live Controller reigned as the ultimate in replay control. Today we’re proud to announce the next-generation of replay controllers, the Grass Valley™ K2 Dyno. This replay controller, coupled with the new K2 Summit production client, allows producers to capture live events in crystal-clear HD and instantly replay them at variable speeds for critical analysis during fast-paced events.

MediaFUSE™ Automated Content Repurposing

Content only PAYS when it’s distributed quickly. - In today’s marketplace, people decide when, where and how they consume content. For forward-thinkers who see this as a revenue opportunity, we offer the Grass Valley™ MediaFUSE solution - an extension of the Ignite™ system that is revolutionizing automated production.

MediaFUSE is a streamlined software and hardware platform that allows broadcasters to automate the repurposing of content within minutes, including alternate stories that did not make it to air.

EDIUS® desktop Video editing

And we’ve taken her advice to heart. EDIUS is the one nonlinear editor that gives you the freedom to work the way you want to. True native mixed formats. Mixed resolution editing without conversion. Direct ingest from any camera or media, including Grass Valley™ Infinity™ Series with REV PRO™, Sony XDCAM, Panasonic P2, CompactFlash and GFCAM.


Put an end to production missteps. With the RGB buttons in the new Kayenne Video Production Center from Grass Valley™ you can assign different colors to different M/E rows and keys, as well as functions like macros and router control.

You can also configure source button colors to distinguish sources like cameras and DDRs. Whatever your workflow, more color means less hassle.

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