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Die ausgewählten Artikel stammen aus der RCA Firmen-Zeitung vom May 1962 - Die Einführung beginnt hier.


Von den Werbeanzeigen in den RCA-NEWS nur vier :

So berauschend gestylt waren diese Anzeige nicht, ich hätte sie weggelassen und redaktionelle Berichte gebracht. Nur, das hatte Ampex und AT&T und GE mit deren Hausblättchen auch gemacht.

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Whatever Frequency You Need... RCA Has the Microwave System to Do the Job

Here's a full line of equipment, excellent for all television microwave applications. Whatever use you have in mind, whatever frequency suits your need, you can get a complete system from RCA. It will be tailored to your own job specifications.

2 KMC-TYPE TVM-22. Offers the very finest specifications available to the microwave user. Gives excellent performance for color signals over long-haul inter-city routes. "Top-of-the-Line" equipment.

7 KMC-TYPE TVM-1B. This 7000 MC equipment is the standard of the industry. Now in use in over 700 installations. For color signals, STL, inter-city routes and remotes. Broadcast and common carrier applications.

13 KMC-TYPE TVM-3A. This new 13,000 MC equipment is fine for intra-city links and for broadcast STL. Also recommended for private business applications.

Rack mounted and portable systems are available. Also reversible, diversity, fault locating and reporting features. RCA has the experience and equipment to give you the greatest assistance and widest choice. Consult your RCA representative. Or write to RCA Broadcast and Television Equipment, Building 15-5, Camden, N. J.

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NEW RCA Cartridge Tape System with "Trip Cue"

Here's the cartridge tape system with something new - trip cue! This unique feature allows you to record a special trip-cue tone that, during playback, can be used to start the next device in an automatic or semi-automatic system, with split-second timing. (In TV operations it may be used to advance slide projectors.)

Delayed broadcast, spot announcement campaigns, production aids, themes, station breaks can be handled by the RT-7A with a minimum of effort. Cartridge is selected, placed in a playback unit, forgotton until "Air" time, then instantly played at the flick of a button. Cueing and threading arc eliminated.

Check this handsomely-styled equipment against any other for compactness and design ... Provides transistor circuitry, low power consumption, simplicity of operation! It's one more in a growing line of value-packed new products for radio and television stations from the pioneer in broadcasting. See your PCA Broadcast Representative. Or write to RCA Broadcast and Television Equipment, Building 15-5, Camden, N. J.

Typical packaging is this attractive four unit console with single BA-7 Cartridge Tape Record and Playback Amplifier and three Cartridge Tape Decks as illustrated.

Separate units of this system available are the Record and Playback Amplifier, and the Cartridge Tape Deck. A Cartridge Storage Rack is also available.

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Broadcasters, TV Tape Services, Producers of Tape Commercials and Programs gain a big, new dimension in color

TAPE SERVICES - Reeves Studio in New York uses RCA Color TV Tape  Recorders in its elaborately equipped tape plant. Reeves is also equipped with RCA Color Camera and Color TV Film System to put inserts in Color Tape.

...... using Color TV Systems designed by RCA

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Broadcast With The Fidelity Of Direct FM

What makes the listener turn the dial to your FM station?

Quality. And quality alone. Programming at such levels virtually demands highest fidelity transmission. To achieve such standards the unquestioned choice of knowledgeable FM stations is RCA's unmatched Direct FM Transmitter. This system is easiest to tune and holds its adjustment best. Whatever the power class, you are assured minimum distortion and wide frequency response.

Such performance is the happy result of RCA's long background of pioneering and achievement in the wonderful world of radio.

  • Anmerkung : Bezüglich FM - also UKW - ist das schlicht gelogen. Erst als die Nachfage nach kleine und mittleren UKW Sendern aus heimischer Produktion stieg, waren die Engländer (EMI), Italiener (Marconi) und die Deutschen (Rohde & Schwarz) nicht mehr alleine. Die hatten es bei den Deutschen viel früher abgeschaut, was da gebraucht wird und wie groß der amerikanische Markt ist.

RCA hatte bis dahin nur AM-Sender gebaut, sicherlich seit 30 Jahren, aber das konnten die Deutschen und die Engländer auch.

RCA designs and builds its complete line of transmitters to accommodate stereophonic signals and an SCA multiplex subchannel.

For complete technical details on any of RCA's Direct FM transmitters, see your RCA Broadcast Representative. Or, svrite: RCA Broadcast and Television tquipment, Dept. DC-22, Building 15-5, Camden, N.J.

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