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Die ausgewählten Artikel stammen aus der RCA Firmen-Zeitung vom Dezember 1961 - Die Einführung beginnt hier.


Noch 2 Anzeigen aus Dez. 1961

Da manche Artikel in dieser Dez. 1961er Ausgabe recht ausschweifend und mit vielen Bildern aufgefüllt waren, waren anscheinend noch einige Seiten zu füllen.

TK 12 - a 4 1/2 INCH Image Orthicon CAMERA

For Sales Impact • Unvarying Quality • Creative Effects

The RCA TK-12 is the camera you need, if you want the finest in television tapes, live programs, and commercials. It produces pictures with higher resolution, lower noise, and improved grey scale. Self-adjusting circuits prevent deterioration in picture quality, and RCA engineering has designed features, such as view-finder display of special effects, and remote iris control, that enable you to do more with the TK-12.

You can use the TK-12 for making dramatic demonstrations of clients' products. Its big 4 1/2 inch I.O. tube (plus advanced engineering) provides big picture quality, rivaling the finest photography.

Improved grey scale preserves delicate differences in shading. Pictures are naturally free from "halo" and "blooming", without need for product spraying or painting. You can control contrast and mood as never before. You can produce tapes and live commercials that show the client's product sparkling in life-like detail.
Self-adjusting circuits, built into the TK-12, eliminate variations in performance.

These circuits compensate for changes in temperature, line voltage, and aging. Furthermore, long warm-up time is a thing of the past.

Pictures are ready for use within minutes after the camera is turned on. This new mode of operation saves set-up time, reduces the number of controls, and assures unvarying picture quality.
RCA engineering has introduced many features that make the TK-12 the most versatile of cameras. An 8 inch viewfinder provides a much larger and brighter picture (200 ft. lamberts). Video effects can be seen on the viewfinder, permitting cameraman to adjust camera position for best advantage in overall effect. Remote iris control permits adjusting all lenses simultaneously, merely by turning a knob.

The RCA TK-12 is the camera you need if you want the finest picture in town. Its new and different look will convince clients that your studio is equipped with the best. Ask your RCA Representative for all the details. Or write to RCA, Broadcast and Television Equipment, Building 15-5, Camden, N. J.

Eine Anzeige aus dem professionellen Audio Bereich

In den Radiostationen wurde die Werbung über sogenannte Jingles "gefahren". Das waren Kassettenrecorder mit automatischer Start-Stop Steuerung. Auf Knopfdruck konnte der Moderator mitten im Satz ein Jingle abschiessen - als unverhoffte und unerwartete Werbung oder sogar direkt in die Musik reinspielen.


New RCA Cartridge Tape System with "TRIP CUE"

Here's the cartridge tape system with something new - trip cue! This unique feature allows you to record a special trip-cue lone that, during playback, can be used to start the next device in an automatic or semi-automatic system, with Split-second timing. (In TV operations it may be used to advance slide projectors.)

Delayed broadcast, spot announcement campaigns, production aids, themes, station breaks can be handled by the RT-7A with a minimum of effort. Cartridge is selected, placed in a playback unit, forgotton until "Air" time, then instantly played at the flick of a button. Cueing and threading are eliminated.

Check this handsomely-styled equipment against any other for compactness and design... Provides transistor circuitry, low power consumption, simplicity of operation! It's one more in a growing line of value-packed new products for radio and television stations from the pioneer in broadcasting. See your RCA Broadcast Representative. Or write to RCA Broadcast and Television Equipment, Building 15-5, Camden, N. J.

Typical packaging is this attractive Four-unit console with single BA-7 Cartridge Tape Record and Playback Amplifier and three Cartridge Tape Decks, as illustroted
Separate units of this system available are the Record and Playback Amplifier, and the Cartridge Tape Deck. A Cartridge Storage Rack is also available.

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