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Die ausgewählten Artikel stammen aus der RCA Firmen-Zeitung vom Dezember 1961 - Die Einführung beginnt hier.


Eine 3. Anzeige am Ende der NEWs
RCA takes the picture ... sends the picture ... and receives the picture!

No wonder RCA is the most trusted name in television

When you buy an RCA Victor \ television set, you can rest assured thai you're gelling the very finest your money can buy.

For RCA has an unequalled background of experience in every phase of the television industry. In faci, the very same RCA electronic skills, research, and facilities that build everything from studio cameras ... to transmitters ... to the tube you see ihe piciure on ... combine to bring you the sharpesi, clearest television pictures you've ever seen.

From the very beginning of ihe industry - first in black and white, ihen in Color TV - RCA has l>een recognized as the most trusted name in television. Today, more RCA Victor sets are in use than any other make. Yet important as television is to RCA, it is but one of many fields of electronics in which the Radio Corporation of America is active as a pioneer and leader. tmk(s)*

RCA designs and builds the TV cameras and other TV studio equipment that record the action and sound .....

RCA designs and builds the equipment that transmits the TV signals.

And RCA designs and builds the TV sets, color and black-and-white, that bring the picture and sound into your home. There is an RCA Victor model for every taste and pocketbook.

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