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You are on the feedback form of the virtual German TV- Tape- and Hifi-Museum in Wiesbaden.

This 1960 TV van was sold end of 2010 and is no more available for shows and exibitions

For center of Europe only:
If you like to request some old vintage hardware from our museum stock or you request our support or service for commercial organisations or commercial projects, you need to arrange transport and return and a confirmed insurance for these goods.

Furthermore we like to agree a small donation in any kind of equivalency to money - to support our doing here in Wiesbaden / Germany and to help us to build up our (future) museum. Currently, there is no real Museum.
In the past (up to 2010), the old official "association" (named Televiseum) did run a small local tv studio for small interviews or little action takes and the old association has had a huge lot of all kind of really old TV equipment (the old 1960 Mercedes broadcast truck was unfairly sold by the former head of the organisation).
From 2010 on, this retired equiment is located in an (compressed) warehouse and not available for visitors. The old association is dissolved by aging problems and financial problems. The former head of the assosiation was fixed in one's views, not recognizing the changes in the world. Remaining members like me did form a new small association to save a lot of equipment and help other museums as good as possible.
So please ask. We mostly speak wounderful "deutsch-english" and one of us will perfectly translate it. Thanks for comming by, and may be, some times we will see us in Germany or on any international broadcast fair.

Please fill in this form, we will respond as soon as possible.

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