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Hello international visitor.
This is a special page for all non German speaking visitors.

Our "virtual" Museum ist locatet here
- inside these Servers !!
Our Hifi and Video Studio
The "Kurhaus" in Wiesbaden
our location near the church
this is our publishers office

Firstly, this is a virtual museum, not a real museum. Entrance is free, day and night, unlimited. We have no money and so we own no real location but offices for the editors, a laboratory, a studio and large dark and dirty stockrooms !!!!

Secondly - this is a never ending story about TV history, magnetic technology, tape recorders and Highfidelity history and all the stories around these topics.

It is a cultural nonprofit website of the "editor in chief" Gert Redlich, electronic and computer engineer in Wiesbaden / Germany. I (or better) we don't make any money with these pages, although we need some money and / or donations to cover our costs.

During the last 10 years we have won lots of friends worldwide providing units, pictures and stories to be published here.

If you like to start reading theses pages you may use a translator. But there are a lot of German sayings which cannot be translated by a computer of any size.

It is made for European / Canadian / Australian / Brasilian German speaking people (and emigrants) to have fun reading theses stories contrarily to the wikipedia.

And please don't expect to find the absolute truth here. We don't know the truth about the history. We try to compare and to combine what we got and get as information and we try to write truthfully. The main idea is to supply interesting stories very close to the truth reading the pages with fun and without boredom.

So please don't be disappointed if your machine translater produces senseless garbage. Don't expect to much from a translator having no human brain. May be you know a German in your neighbourhood to get some help in translating difficult or unreadable pages.

Thanks for visiting.

The publisher and editor-in-chief

Gert Redlich - Wiesbaden / Germany

January 2016

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